Strategic Solutions Advisors is dedicated to providing strategic advice and hands-on assistance in legislative and regulatory affairs.

Our Firm, Ethics, Integrity, Outcomes
Our firm is committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients while representing our clients with integrity and ethics.
Representing our clients and their interests before key decision-makers throughout all branches of the California State Government.

Providing business and political intelligence on developments and trends that give our clients a competitive advantage in capitalizing on opportunities and avoiding pitfalls

Identifying and assessing potential markets within California and analyzing the political, legal, and regulatory factors that will affect our clients’ ability to successfully enter and operate in the market.

Opening and sustaining lines of communication with political, business leaders who could affect our clients’ success in the market, and assisting our clients to build and enhance their own network of relationships in the market.

Hands on assistance with business development to grow revenue and profits, working closely with our clients’ teams to identify and actively pursue opportunities.

Government Strategies and Solutions

We offer a full service consultancy to our clients.  From advocacy to strategy, we craft solutions that focus on results that yield the desired outcomes for our clients. 
Political Strategy & Planning - planning legislative strategy and helping clients to evaluate their 
lobbying needs and to develop and enhance their own political / government relations programs;

Direct Lobbying & Advocacy - active direct lobbying advocacy,
including presenting written and oral testimony to the legislature
and to appropriate personnel in state agencies and the Administration;

Monitoring & Reporting - monitoring and timely reporting of legislative

and administrative activities including bills, committee hearings, floor
debate, proposed agency policies and rule-makings, etc.;

Legal Analysis - furnishing legal analysis and comments in connection
with bills, amendments, proposed regulations and other legislative and
regulatory documents and proposals;

Drafting - drafting of bills, amendments, testimony, lobbying materials, comments and other materials;

Coalitions - directing or participating in lobbying coalitions on issues involving a number of interested 

Meetings - scheduling meetings with, providing introductions to and facilitating access to state officials;

Contacts - establishing and maintaining contacts with key legislative members and staff and state 
agency personnel; and

Presence - providing a client with an ongoing respected presence in California (e.g., appearances at 
hearings, board meetings, etc.).


Governor's Budget

Includes the Governor's goals and objectives for the forthcoming year and highlights significant issues, policies, and initiatives of the Administration reflected in the Governor's Budget.

Click here to find out more information on the budget.


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